Humans' Corner


Connie and Rob would like to say "hi" to all our visitors, but that pesky dog would only let us have this little sidebar over here, so we can't say much!


So, briefly....we're respectively Canadian and British, but have been living until recently in Phoenix, Arizona USA. We're very excited to finally be here in New Zealand, our adopted home, and especially happy to be residents of beautiful Waiheke Island, a true natural paradise.


We'll try to supply more information soon, if we can get Sky away from the computer!



Photo by George Gardner

Waiheke Marketplace

About Us

Hi, my name's Sky, and I'm the owner of Peacock Sky Vineyard. You could say I'm "top dog" over here - arf!


Although I'm in charge of the place, I have to admit I couldn't do all this without the help of my humans, Connie and Rob. If you need to get in touch with them please use the information on the "Contact Us" page. Don't worry - if it's an urgent matter I'm sure they'll escalate it to me.


Anyway, I'll be posting news updates from time to time, so please check our "News" page to see what's going on in the vineyard.