Wine stocks update

4 January 2013

Wine stocks update

Just wanted to let our fans know we're starting to get low on stock of a few of our wines.


Our 2011 Rosé is in very short supply, down to fewer than 100 bottles, so if you're a fan of this wine get in quick! The good news is that we'll be releasing our 2012 Rosé as soon as the last of the 2011 is gone, and it's very nice.


We only made a very small amount of the Limited Edition 2010 Malbec, and we're now down to the last 200 bottles.


Both the 2010 Merlot Malbec and 2010 Rosé Méthode Traditionelle are down to under 900 bottles, which sounds like quite a lot, but both wines are selling through quite fast. Once the bubbles is all gone, the next release (our 2012 Blanc de Noirs) will be just before Xmas 2013.