Food Pairing

The modern "art" of food pairing is a relatively recent phenomenon, fostering an industry of books and media with guidelines for pairings of particular foods and wine. The main concept behind pairings is that certain elements (such as texture and flavor) in both food and wine react differently to each other and finding the right combination of these elements will make the entire dining experience more enjoyable.

The most basic element of food and wine pairing is understanding the balance between the "weight" of the food and the weight (or body) of the wine. From there a food and wine pairing can also take into consideration the sugar, acid, alcohol and tannins of the wine and how they can be accentuated or minimized when paired with certain types of food.

For a more detailed examination of the art of food and wine pairing, start here: Food Pairing


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The Tasting Room

The Tasting Room at Peacock Sky is now open to the public, and we're providing the opportunity to our guests to sample our various wines, in conjunction with the day's selected complimentary food pairings (see sidebar). We've now moved to our Autumn-Winter Menu, featuring a variety of gourmet meals and platters designed to complement our wines. Stay a little longer and sample one of our decadent desserts!

Knowledgable staff are on hand to discuss various aspects of the wines and vineyard operations. Our guests are able to order tastings, bottles or cases of our wines, along with gift boxes and bags, and other eclectic wine related items. We can arrange shipping of our wines to almost anywhere in the world for an additional charge.

In addition to our comfortable indoor and outdoor seating areas, our facilities include a wheelchair accessible toilet compartment and a disabled parking area adjacent to the main entrance.